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Car accidents are unexpected and leave you concerned for your future and ability to provide for your family. I’m Tania Rivas of the Rivas Law Group. My law firm is dedicated to bringing you peace of mind in the worst of times. I’ll meet with you personally, take the burdens off your shoulders, and bring results to safeguard your future. You don’t need to face this alone!
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Personal Injury Attorney

Whether a careless driver hit you on a Tampa freeway, or you wrenched your back tripping on a wet sidewalk in a shopping complex, you need a sympathetic attorney with a reputation for superior service to obtain fair compensation and justice.

A serious injury throws your life out of alignment and creates frustration. Our effective advocates explain your rights in clear language and provide the flexibility you need.

At the Rivas Law Group, we work diligently to help clients achieve justice and fairness. Our shared Christian values govern how we treat our clients and each other and how we handle cases, such as car and motorcycle accidents and slip and falls.

We strive to be as accessible as possible. We’re happy to travel to you, and we’re flexible enough to accommodate challenging schedules.

Car Accidents

Being injured in a car accident changes your life forever, and the hours and days immediately after the crash inevitably prove crucial. You want to preserve evidence and prevent potential defendants (and their insurers) from using certain tactical and strategic actions to limit your potential to obtain fair compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Our firm handles both motorcycle injury and motorcycle death cases. We fight for injured victims and their loved ones to receive adequate and fair compensation and provide the insight and resources you need to piece your lives back together. Many people struggle to overcome the financial and logistical hardships created by such crashes without experienced legal advice. Some cases often involve complex liability issues; other cases involve drawn out fights over insurance. Call or email the Rivas Law Group for a free and confidential consultation, so you can focus on healing and regain peace of mind.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Rivas Law Group focuses on providing our clients with personalized and compassionate legal services. Our team members speak both English and Spanish, allowing us to serve clients who may not speak English as a first language (Conseguir un abogado ahora). Our shared Christian values guide how we behave towards our clients and how we conduct our business in the courtroom and beyond. We embody deep compassion and fight relentlessly for our clients to help them achieve justice and fair compensation.

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